Paths of LifeWhile everyone is proclaiming their New Year’s resolutions, in reality, it may be overwhelming to look a full year ahead and plan out all of the goals to achieve and projects to complete.

Similarly, I find it difficult to keep track of everything that has passed in an entire year, unless I review my progress more often.

Figuratively speaking, moving through life is akin to walking along a path in nature. There may be so many mountains, hairpin turns, and forks along the way that, after hours of charging forward, it may be hard to trace back exactly which climbs were surmounted and which turns were chosen. The situation becomes especially difficult when we realize we’re lost, or in a desert when we started in forest. Looking up and surveying the landscape every so often ensures that we are always moving in the right direction.

Conducting a review of your pursuits 3-4 times per year is frequent enough for detailed recall. At the same time, a review period of 3-4 months is enough time to allow for seeing the big picture and planning in the long term. When I review my academic quarter, I consider the following aspects in this order:

1) Past and Present– What just happened and where you are Now:


Big Pursuits



Side Projects

Mind Expansion- What did you learn in the last few months? What new perspectives can you now use to approach your life and projects? If you haven’t learned anything new, what has prevented you? Have you been too caught up in putting out fires that you’ve forgotten to look for the pastures beyond?

2) Big Picture– General Direction and Distance you want to go in the Next Few Years:

3)Near Future– Your Projected Path for Next Quarter/Semester:

Side Projects- Which new things are you going to try to learn or master in the next few months?

Academic- Which classes will you be taking next term?

*More to come soon…