1. Thou shalt not sleep in a bed.

2. Thou shalt sleep with shoes and lights on.

3. Thou shalt only play video games standing up.

4. Thou shalt set at least 3 alarm clocks, a timed water-squirting contraption, and make a friend call  5 minutes later just in case.

5. Thou shalt not lie or sit while in zombie mode.

6. Thou shalt not indulge in caffeine, television or books for the first week of adaptation.

7. Thou shalt not lay in a bed with man or woman, but may have intercourse while standing.

8. Thou shalt not think about falling asleep when trying to fall asleep.

9. Thou shalt stand up immediately after each nap.

10. Thou shalt preserve brain health by quitting sleep attempt if not adapted in 30 days.