The hardest Big Pursuit I’ve done so far is starting a late night cookie delivery business for my local college campus. It was scary too.

I was more scared the morning I posted flyers about my grand opening than I was when standing at the start line of the Ironman triathlon at age 18, surrounded by 40-something-aged lifetime veterans. Arguably, it was even harder than biking across the U.S.

I guess I am the most vulnerable when I put myself “out there,” for all to see and evaluate. As strange as it may seem, it might just be an introvert thing.. You could imagine that, from the extrovert’s perspective,  one might feel more vulnerable achieving something for themselves without social support from their friends and family. Whether it’s more challenging to put yourself “out there”, or to go at it alone toward a personal accomplishment, working in your vulnerable area will make you grow.

Where do you feel most vulnerable?

What is the hardest thing for you to do? What if you did it….this year, this month, today, NOW?