Most of the human world is, and will be, operating on a monophasic sleep schedule, taking one large chunk of shut-eye at night. We aren’t expecting schedule planners to be made for polyphasic sleepers anytime soon. Go figure.

For a polyphaser, that means that if you go out and buy one of those office-supply-store daily planners, there will only be space designated for scheduling daytime activities, and no space for your secret overnight schemes. Quite problematic.

To solve the affliction of store-bought planners, I have made customizable planner templates for people living on either the Uberman or Dymaxion sleep schedule. They are in Word Document form below:

Download: Uberman Planner Template

Download: Dymaxion Planner Template

The templates include evenly spaced blocks of time, of 4 or 6 hours. This will correspond with the respective nap times for a polyphaser.  It can also help you in designating your time to particular tasks between certain naps, and add a sense a focus to the euphoric time-dilation that comes with being awake for 22 hours a day.

For those on the more practical Everyman schedule, the following is a simplified version of the first two templates. No time blocks are included, but can be added to fit one’s needs.

Download: Everyman Planner Template

Alternatively, graveyard shift workers, on-call medical staff members, or other normal people who live on some unconventional schedule may find the 24-hour format of this template to be more accommodating than that of a regular day planner.

Now that you have customized and printed your template pages, how will you bring them together into an intensely-productive-looking planner?

*More steps to come soon…