What is a Big Pursuit?

A Big Pursuit is a life goal or large project that is big enough of an achievement that it would garner responses along the lines of “How did you do that?” or “That’s ambitious…are you sure you can do it?” or even “Are you serious? There’s no chance you can do that.

>>Why shoot for such ridiculous things? What’s a goal if it’s not ambitious?

That said, here is THE LIST of Big Pursuits.

If you can’t do all the things you dream of doing, what do you have to live for?

Please, let’s not say something like “Uhhh other people? Damn right, I’m selfless!”…that’s for a separate post.

Back to the point: Have you made your list yet?


Current Big Pursuit (since Jan 2010):

*starting up an nighttime cookie delivery business for a local college community

Current Side Projects (as of January 2010):

*starting a Study Hacks community and blog for my college

*read $600 worth of business books in one month, 1 book per day

*convert to a polyphasic sleep schedule. See my failed first attempt.

Current Reading (since January 2010):

The 4 Hour Work Week, updated 2009 edition by Tim Ferriss

Near-Future Pursuits and Projects:

*write book on Eating Healthy with Little Money and Time (Spring 2010)

*learn to do MovNat (June or July 2010)

*a challenge in minimalism, reducing possessions to 100 things, like this.

Past Big Pursuits and peripheral projects. Learn something new from the below:

*Fast Food Salt Packets and More: Wisdom from an Ironman: Part 1 and Part 2

*Personality Theory- Understand Anyone You Meet (don’t get too excited, I haven’t written the article yet!)

*Learn to Unicycle in 10 Days

*Uberman/Polyphasic Sleep- 1st Attempt

*Hauling Ass and Tent Across the Country: A Guide for Bicycle Touring