On the first day of freshman year, we started with an icebreaker in my Leadership seminar class. Say your name, your year, and why you’re taking this class, that kind of thing. On my turn, I introduced myself with, “I’m Janet, a first-year, and I’m taking this  leadership class because I want to take over the world.”

Hey, you have to start somewhere.

That’s right, you have to start somewhere if you’re going to take over the world, but what I really mean by “world domination” is achieving the ideal life. Whatever achieving the ideal life means to you personally, you only need these 3 things simultaneously:

Time, Money, and Location Independence. (TML)

Who knew you only needed three things to achieve any lifestyle you can dream of? Not that these 3 things are exactly a walk in the park to achieve, so I’ve made a list, based on my own experience, of things one must do to enable the ideal lifestyle. Now, some people may say that their ideal life doesn’t require all three to happen, but we’re just assuming that certain lifestyles do require TML, so as to have this work for anyone’s ideal lifestyle. It’s likely that you don’t even know what you want yet, so to keep your options open in case you decide on a lifestyle that requires all three, the plan is to achieve TML first. Thereby, anyone can make progress toward an ideal life without having to know exactly what they want first. May I present…

The Plan for World Domination Straight Out of College <insert evil laugh here>


If anyone were to rule the world, they are probably smart, healthy, and not in debt. Learn how to get yourself “together” with these books:
The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, for creating the ideal life.
How to Win at College by Cal Newport, for relaxed productivity.
The Power of Less by Leo Balbauta, for simplifying life.
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi, for financial freedom.
Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, for short and long-term health.
Vagabonding by Rolf Potts, for inspiration about all the places you’ll travel to once you take over the world.

Do small things.
Try some textbook business ideas out of Tim’s book. Test out a “muse” product. Write an ebook to sell online. Make an affiliate site.
Take care of your financials. Waive your bank fees with 5 minutes on the phone. Create a monthly “guiltless spending” fund.
Experiment with eating and exercising like a real human. Plants, not bagels. Animals, not their milk, or their soy substitutes. 15 minutes of sprints, jumps, throws…not 40 minutes of “cardio”. Save your time, body AND the planet (read: The Vegetarian Myth), not lobbyists for the American Heart Association.
Finally, guard your time and energy with your life. Since there are a couple of small projects you’ve started, your schedule will be busier than usual, and you want to save energy for only the most important things. This means you limit email to 2-3x a day instead of 20 times. Reduce personal possessions to 100 things.

Plot ideas.


Do epic things.
By this point, you’ll have experimented with enough small projects to know what works and what doesn’t work, in terms of work habits, physical health,  Also, having plotted so many ideas, you’ll have at least a general sense of business ideas you want to test out. Now is the time to do it.

Tell your parents.
Along with your accomplishments in the past year of doing small and epic shit, tell your parents about how you’ve improved in managing time, keeping track of finances, taking care of your body, and creating sources of income. Now that you’re so good at life, they might not even flinch when you propose taking a break from school to “explore your options”.

Do more epic shit.
The best case scenario is if you officially put classes on hold, which frees up time for doing epic shit, like a full time professional. This time, the focus is on making enough income to support yourself without any support from family, bank loans, anything.


Uhh, I wish! I’m not there yet.


Coming in 2012…

Any suggestions from experienced entrepreneurs for what to include for years 3 and 4 are welcome in the comments!